Nichol Development and Distribution Ltd offer a multitude of services to manufacturers, fabricators, and producers. Nichol D&D is always looking for more products to represent, develop, market, and sell that fit with our values and industries we specialise in.  If you have a product you would like to grow within the New Zealand market, and reach global markets, we would love to hear from you.

We offer:

Distribution & Sales

o  Business to Business
o  Manufacturer to Customer
o  Wholesaler to Business
o  Using various methods:
        - Face to Face
         - Email campaigns
         - Cold Calling
         - Networking
o  Licensed importer
o  Online sales channels and service are also being developed  


o  General Product Development
o  Production line development / manufacturing
o  Building Industry specific:
         -  Product development
         - Testing & certification     
o  Sourcing of accessories / manufacturing to grow your product·  


o  Full Graphic Design services in house
o  Website design
o  Social Media management
o  Advertising– Print / Online / Tv / Radio