Reusable Pallet Wraps

We sell the best eco-friendly reusable pallet wraps on the market.


What are GreenSpider Pallet Wraps?


They are cost effective, strong, durable, fastto operate, and can be tracked via RFID tags.
They can be custom fitted and are REUSABLE.

An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pallet cling film stretch wrap.

Made with durable Polyester mesh, high grade velcro straps and industrial elastic.
All materials can be serviced and repaired after years of services.  

They will stop you ever needing to buy, use, waste, or dump plastic pallet cling film ever again. As a society we need to stop our 'single use' items and current plastic pallet cling film is the epitome of this.

With Green SpiderPallet Wraps, we can eliminate this waste and ensure measurable and significant cost savings to our client’s business models and most importantly our PLANET!

Two models are available: 

Model T

Designed as a FULL pallet wrap to replace plastic cling film and fulfil all current pallet wrap requirements.

Shown here with optional corner and top straps.

Comes invarious standard sizes and dimensions.
We have multiple custom sizes and options available.  

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Model B

Designed to be a quick in-storeroom style wrap. For light duty and transporting within the warehouse / storeroom.

Comes in various standard sizes and dimensions.

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Why change?

In New Zealand,  we have never looked at sustainability and environmental issues as much as we have now. Classic plastic cling film pallet wrap was cheap, easy, and works - ONCE.... It is NOT sustainable. We are not going to recycle our way out of this climate crisis, we need to stop certain cycles and can start with single use products.

Some claim that current pallet plastic cling film wrap can be recycled. But this is very limited with only a very small percentage of clean pallet plastic cling film wrap actually recycled. Sadly, most of our wrap is dumped, exported or incinerated all causing environmental damage.

The easiest way to stop this, is to introduce innovative new products like the Green Spider Pallet Wrap and improve each company’s contribution to sustainable practice resulting in a better environment for New Zealand.

The easiest way to stop this cycle is to innovate and improve.

Main reasons:


Reusable, Repairable, Trackable.
Stop the '1 time use' cycle and use something that will last, work, and create a sustainable cycle.


Industrial polyester mesh, velcro strapping, and hardware. All proven to be stronger than classic plastic cling film.

Cost Effective

Both to purchase, and proven savings beyond. They are also faster to use so increase productivity.

How they save you money

This example below is based on the GreenSpider Pallet Wrap not leaving the site, but the pallets continually being
wrapped / unwrapped daily and products being picked from them. This type of operation would see the GreenSpider Pallet Wraps last up to 5 years in service. They could last far beyond this.

How do they work

They are very simple to operate. As you can see in the videos below.

The Green Spider Pallet Wraps can stand on their own, and you simply unroll the wrap in one motion around the pallet. From there you secure the middle strap, and then all others. It can be completed in around 1 min 30 seconds.

How to wrap:
How to Unwrap:


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