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The Eco Drain Cage can be retro fitted or custom made to any open storm water sump or drain. It is designed to catch any rubbish, plastics, cigarette butts, organic waste and sediment control while meeting all NZBC E1 Surface water requirements for flow rates even when the Eco Drain Cage is full.

The Eco Drain Cage has been developed as a solution to solve the problem of large amounts of foreign contaminants, plastics and sediment making their way directly into our waterways from the storm water runoff. The New Zealand waterways are at a tipping point where these pollutants are causing a major environmental issue.  The Eco Drain Cage is a simple, effective, low maintenance and long term solution to this issue.

This is everyone's problem

Whether its large open drains

Standard road side sumps with common rubbish.

Sediment control required


It is not well known that New Zealand's storm water system is not filtered.
All pollution, rubbish, and contaminants find its way into the rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Eco Drain Cage is the solution

Custom made for each situation. This ensures the best quality fit and performance to suit the situation.
Eco Drain Cages are made from 316 Stainless Steel and come with 10 year Guarantee.

All caught by this

The Eco Drain Cage consists of thousands of 2.5mm perforated holes. This has been specifically designed after multiple trails. This size allows the Eco Drain Cage to meet the NZBC E1 requirements, but crucially this captures 99% of all foreign materials including used cigarette butts which is one of the worst offenders.

Technical details:

The Eco Drain Cage is custom built in Christchurch New Zealand with a huge amount of variation and specifications that can be added to it.

  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Suitable for all drainage areas including sea spray zones
  • Custom fit to any type of sump or drain
  • Mesh is 2.5mm in diameter which allows flow rate velocity compliance with NZBC Clause E1 Surface Water-section 6.0.1
  • Drain Cage can hold up to 0.02m3 of material or up to 40kgs loaded
  • Handle is rated as a heavy lifting point
  • Easy to clean and replace.

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